Noble Project - A good thing



Fair trade, fair payments and fair working conditions - Fair trade improves the lives of cotton farmers permanently. Fair trade gives farmers the guarantee that they can sell their cotton at a fixed minimum price, which helps them to cover the costs of sustainable production.


Noble Project produces its goods from GOTS-certified organic cotton. This stands for "Global Organic Textile Standard". Manufactured and finished with the greatest care in a small manufactory in India. Sustainable cultivation means less water consumption, no pesticides and no other chemicals.


Noble Project cooperates with musicians, actors, designers, photographers and illustrators worldwide. They support Noble Project by great designs to extend the collections.


  As a supporting member of Viva con Agua, Noble Project supports one of Viva con Agua's integrated WASH-projects. So each and every shirt sold is a contribution to the improvement of the health situation in Northern India and Eastern Nepal.


Trinkwasserschulung in Nepal

Demonstration WASH Training Secondary School in Swamitar 


Wasserstelle Nepal

Water fountain in Nepal