Michael Michalsky was born 1967 in Goettingen and grew up near Hamburg. Deeply fascinated by a documentary about Karl Lagerfeld, Michael took the decision to become a fashion designer at the age of 12. After finishing school, he left his home to study in London at the prestigious College of Fashion. As a picker he financed his studies, thus become a part of the local club scene.

Back in Germany, Michalsky worked as design manager for Levi´s before switching to adidas 1995. As global creative director Michael Michalsky led the sports brand to new glory and success. Since 2005 Michalsky is also supporting the luxury brand MCM as creative director. 2006 he left adidas to realize his dream of owning a fashion label and hence founded the lifestyle brand MICHALSKY in Berlin.

Today Michael Michalsky is one of the most influential designers. Besides working on his own label, Michalsky’s design expertise is regularly commissioned by companies outside the fashion area. Hence, he founded the design agency “MICHALSKY designlab” in 2009, which operates in the areas of product- and interior design, corporate fashion and staging.

Michalsky constantly works together with international artists. These collaborations bear the popular collages and prints, which appear in each MICHALSKY collection. Michalsky´s main source of inspiration is music, followed by his second great passion, photography. He owns an extensive collection including works from Herbert List, Yva, Edmund Kesting, Helmar Lerski, Horst P. Horst, and fashion photography from the 50s, 60s and 70s.